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Joy's House  

Thaneen Joy Hanfaifa  (Founder, President)

Joy grew up in a socially committed family. In her childhood she was surrounded by children who had no home and Joy's parents took care of them. More and more, Joy and her family cared for the children themselves and also for the needy children in their village.

Joy studied Home Economics in Chiang Mai and in 1998 she opened a guesthouse for culturally interested travelers together with her large family.

In 2001 she was already co-founder of an aid project for orphans and in 2006 she founded Children's Shelter Foundation together with Ulrike Meister to help disadvantaged and disabled children, and to realize her family-oriented concept.

Ulrike Elisabeth Meister
 (Founder, President)

Ulrike's life was, and is still shaped by social commitment. Working in a loving and meaningful way with and for people is her motive. Her goal is to create an environment that allows people to grow from the inside out.

Ulrike gained experience in various institutions for disabled people, older people and young children. She completed Business Management and Industrial Sales training in a large workshop for disabled people. To bring economical and social aspects in line was the challenge - a challenge that she still faces today.

Her prior education was then followed by training as a Medical Practitioner specializing in Asian medicine. Before she decided to move to Thailand and start a charity project there in 2006, she worked in her own clinic for Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine in Germany.

Independent Associations with Proofed Accounts

Children’s Shelter e.V. Germany (Non-profit Association - works exclusively for CSF
Sonja Neusser (President)

Our Team in Thailand

General Manager of Joy’s House
Pee Jarm
(Patcharee Lekpimai)
Is working close together with our CSF Team

CSF Manager & Teacher Children:
Kru Che
(Komsan Tongsamer)

Coordinator Youngsters:
Bpha Lek
(PornPan Rakkam)

Organisation & Training Youngsters:
Kru Rasa
(Rasa Maneejak)

President of the deaf, training Youngsters
Kru Noom
(Roongaran Wongkaewmoon)

Teacher Children & Youngsters
Kru Num
(Anuwat Sittipanya)

Maintanance & Training Children
Pee Ey
(Wisarnsak Khongpayung)

Mom for the children
Mae Pa
(Supawadee Yunyajun)

Joy’s House Team
Furthermore the whole team of Joy’s House is working close together with our CSF Team.
They are teaching our youngsters in training and they are important members of our Family.



Ulrike Elisabeth Meister
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       Joy und Ulrike
       Sonja Neusser
     Pee Jarm
     Kru Che
     Bpha Lek
     Kru Noom
     Kru Num
     Pee Ey
     Mae Pa