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Joy's House  

Our children - Our students


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The first house 2007
Small Break
Doremont & Wan
Getting lessons
deaf and mute
A new home
Students excursion
Bonnum - Polio child
Bud is playing guitar
Children's Shelter Foundation
Computer Training
Farm for Training
Enjoying the lake
We love to eat
Grand Opening
Grand Opening Learning Center
Family teacher Kro Em
Celebration in CSF
Garfield & Nose
Big brother
Everyone helps
Little artists
Teacher Oar & Nam
Last day of school
My best friend
Our family
Nu Vand
Our older Students
Training in Joy's House
I believe I can fly
Students Job & Leg
Traditional farmer clothes
Traditional dance of our students
Hot Season
Our organic Farm
Our 3 big girls
Our boys
Our own vegetable
We built up a terrasse
We trust each other
Workshop for schools in CSF
Sign language
Training in Joy's House
Nu Dee
At the bathing lake
Fun at the lake
Training for
Novice for one week

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