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Joy's House  

From 2006 until Today    


The year 2006 / 2007

The founders Ulrike Meister and Joy Hanfaifa privately fund the land along with the first buildings of Children's Shelter Foundation. Apart from some small donations from Germany, Ulrike and Joy finance all annual costs for the first 8 children in their aid project.

In order to earn money the founders developed and extended the guesthouse Joy’s House and ran a new Holiday and Charity concept.

Year 2008/2009

Children's Shelter is awarded the title of Registered Non-Profit Foundation. Land and buildings go over to the Foundation.

The number of children rises to 25 - Teachers and educators are set and further necessary buildings are funded. The sponsors and sponsorship advertising is running slowly. Relationships can be won by patrons and sponsors, especially from Germany.

In 2008, donations amounted to about 10.000 € / $13.000 US year

In 2009 about 20,000 € / $26.000US year Ulrike and Joy fund the beginnings of the water system and the expansion of the farm by themselves and also non-covered expenses through donations for the children.

Year 2010/2011

The number of children increases at the Children's Shelter Foundation to 45. Teachers, caretakers and farmers are employed and the life, school and training programs for the children become personalized.

The water system is fully developed and the number of sleeping rooms is increased. Guests of Joy's House and volunteers of Children's Shelter Foundation's help is crucial so that CSF can develop in many areas. CSF gets help in building, in solving technical problems, in agricultural knowledge and in teaching.

Joy's House, which experienced a boom in 2011, succeeds in winning guests as mentors and sponsors, and achieves revenue in the Holiday & Charity project. Camps also start to be booked by international schools and provide a small income for CSF.

CSF training concepts for young people are developed and implemented. All young people receive a training place at Joy's House.

Plans for 2012 include securing and creating 20 new training courses for the rising number of young people and Joy's House reinvests in both the modernization and enlargement of the guesthouse in Chiang Mai and in the expansion of facilities for youth in education.

Year 2011/2012

Children's Shelter Foundation provides home and education for 48 children and young people. 21 young people live in Joy's House in order to attend school, college or university and complete a practical training course at Joy's House.

27 children aged 1-14 years live with teachers and educators on the farm. The team consists of four teachers and caretakers, six helpers and three farm families who were in need of a home and work before coming to CSF. The extended family has now nearly 70 members.

*The poor exchange rate of Euro to THB is a big problem. Donations from Europe lose about 25% of their purchasing power in Thailand.

Sponsors and schools in particular from Singapore can be obtained, which balance the deficit a little.

Especially the modernization and enlargement of Joy's House helps that the difficult financial times can be mastered. Ultimately the stable financial basis could be saved due to our long-term sponsors who are still with us despite the "Euro Crisis and Currency Crises". Thank you - we appreciate your trust and loyalty very much.

The year 2013/2014

In 2013, the focus has been on education and training. The development program for primary school is being expanded, specifically the development in Thai language speaking and writing which takes a larger commitment. The programs in music, art, dance and theater have been expanded.

Different ways of education for young people in secondary schools are being discussed and the offers have been expanded.

The number of young people in the project has increased. The children are growing up and getting older, and because of their school & training, rooms for about 28 young people from the age 14 up have to be provided in Children's Shelter Chiang Mai . With the rising number of young people the costs are rising as well due to higher school fees and basic needs. These costs have to be carried.

A restructuring plan is necessary to cope with this new situation. A portion of the farm in the mountains is sold and most of the children and youngsters are living now in Children’s Shelter Chiang Mai. Since Joy's House provides a large part of the grounds and buildings of the Children's Shelter in Chiang Mai for free, the sale proceeds from the farm can help to cover the rising costs for young people in CSF.

What is planned:

  • An expansion of training in Technology & Maintenance
  • An expansion of Bakery and Coffee Shop

Where We Are Heading:

As kids grow to become young adults, the problems become more complex. The costs increase and the prospect of getting a sponsorship is low. Many aid projects release youth after grade nine at approximately 15 years or age, but this is out of the question for Ulrike and Joy.

We have developed more and more projects for our youth, simply because the youngsters continue need us. Both Joy and Ulrike believe that you should not send a 15 years old child into the world. At this age, it is necessary to accompany the young people, to motivate them and discuss with them different concepts of life .

To address this important and formative phase adequately, we set a dedicated team for our youth. They care about career aspiration / education / school as well as about problem solving, motivation and cohesion. The team is complemented by specialist teachers and volunteers.