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Chance to study


CSF a recognized Community Learning Center

Children's Shelter Foundation opened a Learning Center with 5 Sub-Study-Centers to provide training and therapy programs for students from age 6 to 25. This officially recognized program offers our students a chance to a better education, an opportunity to learn a certified profession and/or finish Senior High School. During their study time, the children live at our farm and are continuously involved in developing their knowledge on organic farming and sensitive Tourism.

Each and every one of our children has a task and responsibility. They have to learn how to interact with each other, and understand that life is valuable for them and others. Thanks to the support of our devoted staff this basic trust in themselves has turned them into good society members with a good heart and spirit.

Furthermore we offer workshops, short and long term programs for our children, for students and people of the community that have an interest in our project. We warmly welcome schools from anywhere in the world to come and stay and learn with us. Please ask us for our program "classroom without walls".

Overview of courses

In cooperation with the Institute for Education of the District of Mae On, we mainly cater for our own students, nevertheless, underprivileged youth from the villages are welcome to enroll in our foundation for the following courses:

Non formal School:

  • Certificate Class (grade) 9
  • Certificate Class (grade) 12 (Senior High School)


  • Ecological agriculture (Farm)
  • Sensitive tourism (Joy’s House)
  • Home Economics (Joy’s House & Farm)

The following 5 subjects with training class 10 - 12 are on offer:

Main subjects:

  1. Home Economics (further studies possible)
  2. Organic Farming and Sustainable Economy; (further studies possible)
  3. Tourism (further studies possible)

Together with:

  1. Culture and Tradition: Local Wisdom of the Elders, Rituals, Arts
    Crafts, Music, Dance Performance, Body and Soul
  2. Innovative Technology and Languages

Medium-term objective:

  • Study financing by godparents (first years)
  • Self-sufficiency through the proceeds of our organic produce
  • Implement the idea of organic Farming for the long term benefit of
    surrounding communities
  • Implement the idea of sensitive Tourism for the long term benefit of
    surrounding communities

Long-term objective:

Complete independence through self financing.

  • Income from the biological farming and fishing
  • Income from organization of workshops, seminars and excursions
    for students globally
  • Income from sensitive tourism