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Joy's House  

A little Insight


Holiday & Charity - CSF Chiang Mai & Joy's House - Guesthouse

It only takes a few minutes by foot to get from our charity project to the Joy's House guesthouse which is also run by Joy and Ulrike.

Guests are invited to participate in the traditional and cultural "Thai Life" and, if desired, to know and support their own children's aid project.

Aside from their heart's desire to provide guests with a genuine insight into Thai culture and nature, the owners Joy and Ulrike have always pursued another goal;

To provide a home, education, and training to children in need and young people from the surrounding mountain villages - the combination has been more than successful. A concept which both the guests of Joy's House, as well as children and young people from the Children's Shelter Foundation benefit from every day.

CSF - Our Organic Farm In The Mountains

Our farm is located in the mountain area 30km outside of Chiang Mai. We run a small organic farm with vegetables, herbs and a fruit tree cultivation. Of course, there are also dogs, cats, chickens and ducks.

Our children already know how farmers of the new generation work, and they understand how valuable it is to be knowledgeable about natural fertilizers, soil and cultivation sequences.

For guests of Joy's House there is the opportunity to stay here on the farm and live with our children who are little experts of nature, and present it happy and proud for our guests. Additionally, schools and universities from all over the world are welcome to book our "Nature Camps ".

CSF - School and Learning Center

In addition to the regular schools which provide only the most necessary knowledge in Thailand, our children get tutoring and individual support. Since most of our children correspond poorly in Thai when they first arrive, the subject of "Written and Spoken Thai" has highest priority.

English is taught as the first foreign language and guests of Joy’s House are welcomed as teachers. Furthermore, other foreign languages ??can be chosen for learning as well as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The young people prepare for their exams with the help of our teachers in addition to their practical training course-specific classes such as accounting, office and communications, nutrition, tradition and culture Thailand, guide training, sign language for the deaf and various other subjects.

CSF - Learn For Life "Classroom Without Walls"

Workshops & Excursions – it’s about more than just filling leisure time. A holistic perception and encouraging of body, soul and spirit helps open doors to themselves and to others. Knowledge, art, sports, music, theater, poetry, nature, spirituality, friendship and family are valued here and it's all these things and much more that make up our complex lives.

Being allowed to feel, and being allowed to experience and to be creative & active in heart and mind are the most important things in your luggage. For this reason we provide a variety of project courses for our children and young people which are conducted by external teachers or by volunteers. The children and young people learn for life - and sometimes it is here that the foundation stone is laid for a future career.

Course Examples: Painting, Hip Hop, Zumba, Guitar Course, Band, Modern Dance, First Aid, Compost and EM, Baking, Oils and Soaps, Cooking, How to Properly Apply for a Job, Personal Training, Jewelry, Theater, Bicycle Repair Shop, Construction and Repair, Yoga, Spirit of Nature, Traditional dance, Sewing.

CSF - Nature Camps for Schools / Universities

Completely successful are our camps for international schools which provide fun and also impart knowledge.

Offered are 2 - 14 day programs for groups (15 - 35 students) Different program points can be arranged individually.

Program Points: Classroom Without Walls, Open Your Hearts, Getting Close to Nature, Organic Farming, Traditional Thai and Hilltribe Life, Saving Nature, Healthy Living for Body and Soul, Experience Nature Through Art, Chiang Mai - Beside the Beaten Tourist Path, and many more.

We are currently working with international Schools and Universities from Thailand, Singapore, China, Indonesia and the USA, and in the future, we plan to open our doors to Europe. If we have piqued your interest, we are happy to send you more of our information.

CSF and The Association for Deaf People of Northern Thailand

In cooperation with the President of the Deaf Association Northern Thailand "Kru Noom" we have started to create jobs and training for deaf people in our guesthouse.

CSF young people have the opportunity to learn both Thai and American sign language, and to complete a diploma for translators. With this diploma they can work as a professional translator for the deaf. Furthermore, we want to extend our holiday programs for deaf guests who want to stay with us at Joy's House.

CSF Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please send us an email to introduce yourself and we will respond to you with more information. Volunteers should plan to stay with us for 2 - 12 months and should bring a great level of flexibility and openness along with them.

We ask our volunteers for a monthly support payment of 150 Euro / 200 USD that will cover your accommodations and meals each day, however, if you stay more than 4 months it is possible to reduce this support.

CSF funding

The monthly costs are assured through the following means:

  • Joy's House Holiday & Charity
  • Protection Fund of the founders
  • Godparent Hood / Sponsorship
  • Project donations with password
  • Income "Nature Camp "

Planned is a Bakery / Coffee-Shop with distribution in Chiang Mai. How you can help: